What 's New?

New Headshots

I had an incredible experience with Peach Studios! Thank you for the amazing shots! peachstudiosphoto.com

Chapman Theatre Gala

I am so honored to have received these three handsome men from Chapman! Two outstanding performance awards and the Annette Bening award.

The Annette Bening Award!

I am beyond honored to have received Chapman University's Annette Bening award to honor an outstanding Screen Acting student. Thank you Chapman! Pictured here with Dave Kost, one of the founders of Chapman's Screen Acting program.


We finally did it! Ending my four years at Chapman with two degrees, an even deeper passion for acting, and a serious caffeine problem.

I Moved to L.A.!

I used to sit at my desk in Missouri doing homework and listening to my "California Playlist". I made it to inspire me that I could come from nowhere to L.A. and fight for my dreams. So many people said I couldn't do it. Well, I did it!

OC Centric Theatre Festival

I am so excited and grateful to have been cast as Wendy in the new play The Mulberry Bush directed by Michael Serna. Stay tuned for showdates!